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Welcome to my Darkened Asylum
Good is a point of view
Why Wait? 
9th-Nov-2005 11:03 pm
Sepheroth, Sephiroth
Mother of god why won't they just fucking release Advent Children already? What is taking so long?!? It isn't even that hard! IT'S ALREADY FINISHED! I don't know what it is with the Japanese and releasing shit. You want this new Zelda??? NOOOOPE! You want the new Final Fantasy? NAHHH! How's about a new Final Fantasy movie featuring the sweetest villain of all time next to Darth Vader? Nope, we are going to karate chop stuff instead. That's bullshit! Karate chop shit AFTER YOU FINISH THAT SHIT MOTHER BASTARDS!! Anyway. One week until the new Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie will be out, so that will be tits. Yes that's right...HARRY POTTER IS THE SHIT. Another movie I have been waiting for. I hope he does something really sweet and unexpected in this one, like call Hermione a dirty little tramp or give Hagrid a knee to the groin. Man, come to think of it, Hagrid probably has some massive nuts. If Harry kicked him in the junk, he might just break his leg. He should teach that little whiny bitch Malfoy a lesson and rape him in the butt. Malfoy would have a hard time explaining a tree trunk shaped whole in his ass when he came home that night. Well, one can only hope. Wasn't in the book. But hollywood adds it's own little perks sometimes...
10th-Nov-2005 06:45 am (UTC)
...you are so weird.
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